Golf Carts For Dealers: Everything You Need To Know

Written by Tyler

January 8, 2021

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Golf Carts For Dealers: Everything You Need To Know

The American golf cart market is growing exponentially, and it’s projected to reach $1,627.6 million by 2026. Becoming a golf cart dealer has never been a more lucrative proposition. 

Whether you currently drive a golf cart and you love it or you simply know how big this market is becoming and you want in before it gets any bigger, there’s never been a better time to become a dealer. 

Search terms for things like “electric golf cart dealers near me” and “dealers in Tifton that sell golf carts” have never been higher, and if you craft a solid business model and focus on serving customers in your area, you’re certain to have a solid business plan that will serve you well for generations. 

How do you even become a golf cart dealer, though, and what should you do before you start? 

This quick guide can help. 

Should You Sell New or Used Golf Carts?

The first step you’ll need to make is to decide whether you’ll market new golf carts, used golf carts, or a combination of the two. 

New golf carts for sale by dealers typically come from the company itself, and if you intend to sell new, you’ll need to agree with a company. There’s a bit more on that in the next section. 

If you intend to sell used golf carts only, you typically don’t need an agreement with the company, but what you do need is a good eye for golf carts. 

It may help if you’ve worked with golf carts before and you’re a good mechanic who understands what a good deal is and what isn’t. 

It may also help if you are a shrewd businessperson who can craft great deals that make you money and serve your customers well. It can be tougher to market used golf carts, as you’ll need to prove that they’re in decent shape, but people are always looking for a great deal, which makes both becoming a new golf cart dealer and a used golf cart dealer a good option. 

Should You Only Market One Brand? 

If you intend to market new golf carts, often you’ll have to specialize in a single brand. For example, say you want to market EZGO golf carts. You’ll have to send an application to the company, which will include information about whether you have sufficient capital, where your location might be, and what it looks like, as well as other information. 

Each brand has different requirements. 

EZGO requires so much available capital, the cost of signage, and certain building requirements just to get started. 

Yamaha has capital requirements, but they also only want so many dealers in a certain area. 

Club Car dealers must meet similar requirements. 

Do your research to learn more about the requirements if you want to become a branded dealer. 

Most of those companies are upfront about what they need when you reach out to them. 

Adding Accessories

For most dealers, the golf carts aren’t what bring in the real profit margin. 

Surprisingly, many find adding accessories makes them far more money than the golf carts themselves. Offering golf cart repair services can add to those totals. For example, say you sell a new golf cart for a certain amount. Add upgrades and customizations, and your profit margin quickly begins to skyrocket. 

What accessories should you add? That will depend a bit on the company with which you work, but the market today knows no bounds when it comes to accessories. 

If you can dream it, it is available for a golf cart today. 

If you do decide to add accessories, you’ll certainly want golf cart software to keep track of orders and everything you add, but we’ll talk a bit more about that in the next section. 

One accessory you’ll certainly want to consider selling is batteries for golf carts. Local dealers find that batteries are a hot item. They need to be replaced in electric carts every few years, and they produce a solid profit for local dealers. 

Be sure to source your batteries from a reliable provider, though, so you can make certain you offer a good deal for your customers.


The Nuts and Bolts of Running a Business

You’ll need to find a suitable location for your business, and that may be the toughest decision you make. 

Think about the demographics of the area before you choose a location. 

You’ll want to consider your target audience and how important it is that they be close to you. 

This is critical, as for golf cart retailers, people aren’t likely to travel far. 

Along with that, think about accessibility. You need people to be able to easily reach your location so you can get individuals through the door. 

Finally, consider your competition. How far away do you want to be? Closer can sometimes be better, but often it comes with its drawbacks, too. 

You’ll want to visit with an attorney to set up your basic business structure and to handle any tax concerns you may have. 

You’ll also want to sit down with the bank to get the capital you need to start. Drawing up a business plan is necessary at this stage, so work with a professional to get the help you need for this documentation. 

Your website is an important consideration in this mix. You’ll also want a solid web presence that reflects your company. Be sure to invest in optimization. That way, when a customer types in a search term like “Looking for golf cart dealers in Richmond, VA,” your website is the first one that will pop up on the search engines. 

Optimization isn’t all you’ll want to invest in, though.  

Often orders today will rely on various online technologies that you’ll need to invest in. 

A golf cart builder is a sound investment that you’re certain to want to focus on. With this kind of investment, customers can go online to learn more about customization options that will help them figure out exactly what they want before they ever arrive at your dealership. 

If you put a version of your “Build Your Golf Cart” software online, you’re likely to drive customers to your dealership to invest in a customized golf cart that they like. 

It’s not difficult to become a golf cart dealer today, but there is much to consider before you get started.

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