We’ve written about customizing golf carts for all sorts of uses: camping, hunting, retirement, gardening, horse training, you name it. What about golf itself? One of our favorite customized golf carts for use on the golf course is the Club Car Precedent series.

One of the most exciting things about the Precedent is how Club Car designs each around Connected technology. These feature great calling cards that can set golf courses and country clubs apart:

Electronic Scorecard: This is a great feature. It’s such a simple idea, and it allows golfers to keep score as they play. The best part is that you can e-mail the scorecard to yourself. E-mailing these scorecards to yourself allows you to set up your own analytics and see how your game has improved over the months.

Although it’s not advertised like this, we sometimes like to enter an opponent’s e-mail and send it to them as a reminder of who won that day.

GPS Zone: This is a messaging feature that can keep golfers in the know about what’s happening at the course or club. You can feature sales at the pro shop, or food and beverage ads. Or you can rotate announcements for upcoming events.

One clever way of using it is to boost the prestige of playing at your club. You could keep an updated feature of top players that month, or winners of local tournaments recently held there. By knowing their name will be scrolling through every GPS Zone on every golf cart, players will become more excited to compete and win. This is a neat way to boost word of mouth and anticipation for tournaments.

Tournament Software: Of course, this means featuring software to help a golfer keep track of where they are in a tournament. Tournament software helps them see where they need to be to keep pace. It helps golfers stay up to date with the event as it’s happening. This can help golfers stay more focused on what they need to do on an upcoming hole.

No-Go Zones: Someone always drives on the green. It’s frustrating for the course owner because you’ve got to protect and upkeep them. If it’s not that, someone drives a golf cart into a bunker. That’s a pain to get out again. With No-Go Zones, you can actually predetermine areas where the golf cart won’t let a driver take it. This is an easy way to cut down on maintenance costs and keep your carts safe and undamaged.

Cart Tracking: Tracking of the cart allows you to keep track of where a cart’s being taken. This is useful if a driver goes for a joyride or the cart takes off on its own.

The Club Car Precedent really thinks ahead when it comes to modernizing the golf experience. Of course, customized golf carts also mean you can change up every element of the cart – from mechanical parts and colors to accessories and advanced connected features.

We maintain a golf cart app that’s updated with new parts and features every month. This allows you to sit down beside your customer, whether they’re an individual golfer or a golf course owner. Customizing golf carts helps you and the customer build elements in with the latest parts on offer from a variety of makers and suppliers.