A customized EZGO RXV is an unparalleled golf cart for quick, reliable movement. We often write about golf carts that are ideal for a range of activities: camping, hunting, work at a stables or ranch. What about an ideal golf cart for the golf course and residential areas?

This is where a customized EZGO RXV offers some of the strongest performance. There are more than a few elements at play here:

AC drivetrain efficiency: This focuses on increased efficiency, allowing you to run the RXV for an extended period of time between charge-ups. It also means an electric golf cart with serious hill climbing ability. It retains 97% of its speed climbing hills. How is this? The power is delivered with more efficiency and response than a direct current. You get this extra power with less energy use for the output.

This kind of power also means a noticeable advantage in acceleration over other golf carts. That’s a nice thing to have, whether you’re on the course or you’re using the golf cart in a residential area. It certainly makes sure you have the most impressive golf cart on the block.

The AC drivetrain produces 15% better efficiency than a comparable DC drivetrain. That means less hassle plugging it back in and recharging it.

IntelliBrake system: There are two core components to EZGO’s IntelliBrake system. The motor brake is applied when going up or down a steep incline. This can help you maintain finer control when going up or down hills. The motor brake also engages as a parking brake when the vehicle is stopped. This means you no longer have to manually set and release the brake. It saves you some hassle on the golf course and it’s just a common sense use of the motor brake to help keep your golf cart secured.

IntelliBrakes offer something much more, however. They provide regenerative braking. What does this mean? Brakes create energy by creating heat. This is a result of the friction as they try to stop. Instead of simply wasting this, the RXV captures this energy and uses it to recharge the batteries. Every time you brake in an EZGO RXV, you’re regenerating the batteries at the same time. This process can return 21% to the batteries, which further improves the RXV’s superior efficiency.

Customization: The EZGO RXV can be easily customized for luxury or for all-terrain use. We do this through Build Your Golf Cart app. Unlike other golf cart customization services, this one’s constantly updated through a subscription model. This lets you easily sit beside your prospective customer and customize the EZGO RXV together with the latest parts. That way, dealer and customer can build a dream golf cart together as two enthusiasts excited about what they’re making, rather than salesman and buyer.

The app can save particular customer builds for dealers as well, allowing you to swoop in and make changes. Saved builds also make it easy to see what new parts are in so you can contact your buyer with even better upgrades to customize the EZGO RXV. It’s a beautiful golf cart to be able to customize.