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Written by Tyler

December 23, 2020

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Custom Golf Carts: Everything You Need To Know

Ready to learn more about custom golf carts and exactly what you can do with this amazing purchase? Look at the power of this smart choice now! There’s never been a better time to own a golf cart. 

More often, people in all areas are realizing just how functional a golf cart can be. 

With so many uses and benefits, golf carts are now the perfect solution. After all, they’re affordable, economical, and they’re environmentally safe. What more could you want in a mode of transportation? 

More than that, though, they’re completely customizable, which makes them fun, too. 

What Can You Customize On a Golf Cart?

Simply put, you can customize almost any part of a golf cart to better meet your needs

Whether you’re looking to enhance the golf cart’s appearance, or you want simple modifications that will make it more comfortable, you can have almost anything you wish from a golf cart dealer. 

Look at a few different customization options now. 

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Custom Golf Cart Bodies

A custom body kit is the best way to go if you want something completely different. 

These are available in sporty and incredibly creative styles. 

One look at parades today and you’ll see everything from a Rolls-Royce style golf cart to a monster truck. 

If you can dream it up, there are custom golf cart bodies available to meet your needs. 

Not everyone who wants a custom body, though, is looking for a showpiece. 

Many who invest in this choice do so because their carts have been damaged or they need something a bit different to meet their needs. For example, if you’re looking to take your cart off-road or you need it to haul things around your property, custom golf cart bodies are the way to go to ensure that your vehicle offers you a wider range of options. 


Custom Painted Golf Carts

Some people don’t want to go with a customized style, but they still want something quite different, and this is where custom painted golf carts enter the picture. 

Hoping to go with a camo design to help you get to and from your hunting blind? Need some bright flames on the side to show just how tough your golf cart is? Custom painted golf carts are big business these days, and if you can come up with a perfect design, you can certainly have it added to your golf cart. 

Whether you want to go with a custom golf cart body and a custom paint job or want the paint job to help give your vehicle a personality of its own, this is a fantastic way to upgrade your cart. 


Custom Golf Cart Wheels

The wheels may be the last thing you think about when it comes to custom golf carts, but they probably should be the first. 

Available from 8” to 25” these days, you can get almost any size you need, and there are many reasons to consider customizing your wheels. 

First, custom golf cart wheels make your cart look great, especially if you’ve taken advantage of other customization options. 

More than that, though, they can give you a much smoother ride, depending on how you plan to use your cart. 

Changing the way the golf cart rides is the number one reason people choose custom golf cart wheels. 

OEM typically designs its wheels to run on golf courses in a manner that won’t tear up the grass as the cart travels from hole to hole. 

If you’re planning to do something hugely different with your cart, though, you’re going to want a different kind of wheel. 

From those that you might find on ATVs to choices that work perfectly with a lift kit, you’re going to find lots of options in the world of custom golf cart wheels that can change almost everything about your ride. 


Custom Golf Cart Seats

As with almost everything else in the world of the custom golf cart, there are a variety of designs available for golf cart seats. 

If you want larger cushions that offer a contoured fit for added comfort and support, that’s certainly a possibility. 

You can also get custom golf cart seats with headrests and armrests. Add a few other modifications too like two-tone covers to match the custom golf cart paint job you had done. 

You can simply choose to go with something more luxurious or something simple like a fabric that will stay cool even in the heat of the sun. 


Custom Golf Cart Accessories

This is far from a comprehensive list of the number of options you have when it comes to customizing your golf cart. 

Several other accessories can be added to completely change everything when it comes to making your golf cart your own. 

You could add Bluetooth speakers to your golf cart. You could also add drink coolers if you intend to be out on the course all day, and you need to cool off. 

Consider adding a roof rack to make your cart more useful around your property or even to haul your kayak to the edge of the water. Mirrors, fans, and even interior lighting are all possible with the best custom golf cart accessories. 

These aren’t just for your golf cart’s interior, though. There are lots of exterior custom golf cart accessories, too. Add fenders, brush guards, a windshield, or even expanded cargo space. Seat bag attachments, cup holders, and even phone chargers are available in the world of accessories today too. 

If you can dream it, there’s likely an accessory you can add to your cart easily!


Finding Custom Golf Carts for Sale

Worried you’ll never find exactly what you want in a golf cart? Don’t be concerned! Finding custom golf carts for sale is easier than you think. 

In fact, in most major metro areas, you’ll find golf cart dealers throughout the area ready to help you find custom golf carts for sale that meet your needs perfectly. 

Dealers, though, aren’t the only ones with an extensive inventory. Often, you’ll find communities online dedicated to the best golf cart brands that are easy to customize, and they typically have an online marketplace ready for use to help you find the cart you most want. 

If you’re new to the world of custom golf carts, though, it may help to familiarize yourself a bit with the most typical brands before you get ready to make a purchase. 

There are three top golf cart brands available today, and each offers an advantage. 


Custom EZGO Golf Carts

This is a key manufacturer for those who own residential golf carts around the world today. 

Textron owns the company, and they have a great reputation for reliable carts at a fantastic price. 

You’ll often see them used on golf courses, but you see just as many of these among private owners. 

They offer both two- and four-person seating options, as well as high weight capacities. You can buy them in gas and electric models, depending on your needs. 

Most of these use a standard four-wheel design, which adds some stability. 

Their frames are made from welded steel, making them an excellent choice for off-roading. 

Custom EZGO golf carts are simple to find, too, and they’re simple to further customize. 


Custom Club Car Golf Carts 

Often compared to EZGO carts, custom Club Car golf carts are great for the private market. 

They come in both gas and electric models, and they’re usually made of all aluminum. They have an I-beam base that makes the carts incredibly strong, and they’re able to resist common wear-and-tear type problems. 

Club Car is focused on the higher end of things, though, which means they can quickly get more expensive as you add customization options. 

They offer added builds that EZGO simply can’t match, and the construction quality on these models is fantastic. 

They’re also lighter than EZGO models, which means you can typically find custom Club Car golf carts with added options like higher speeds and power steering. 


Custom Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha offers some fantastic options in the custom golf cart market, but they primarily serve more commercial customers. 

Various sections of the PGA depend on Yamaha, as do many big-campus corporations to ensure their employees can get from space to space quickly. 

They offer gas and electric engines, as both Club Car and EZGO do, but within that, there are other added options. 

Yamaha tends to make far more expensive carts because so much of what they build is industrial quality, so if you intend to go with this brand for your custom build, expect to pay a bit more than you might for others. 

While these three manufacturers aren’t the entirety of the options in the custom golf cart market, they’re easily the big ones you’ll notice as you begin to shop for the options that are right for you. 


Are There Custom Golf Carts Near Me?

No matter where you live in the United States today, there are custom golf carts near you. 

If you say, “Custom Golf Carts Near Me,” Siri is likely to start listing dealership after dealership. 

The trick is to find the right golf cart to meet your needs. 

First, you must decide whether to buy new or used. New may be more expensive, but if you’re looking for customization, it’s usually the right choice. 

The last thing you want is to buy a golf cart that’s had too many customizations already, leaving you with added costs. 

More than that, though, you’ll want a solid warranty and a team on your side that can handle all the custom options that you want most in a golf cart. 

Custom golf carts are everywhere today. Just decide exactly what you want to be customized and what brand you’re looking for, then you can find a dealer who is ready to make your golf cart dreams come true.

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