One of the things many people lose as they grow older is the ability to walk or run as far as they once did. Even someone who was an athlete in their younger years may now struggle to cross a room. This severely limits the ability of many older people to live their lives as they’d like. This is also why customized golf carts are so crucial to many retirement communities.

Golf carts allow older people to remain mobile. In fact, many retirement communities are now building with the use of golf carts in mind. They understand residents can visit each other, garden, go to the store, and just enjoy a circuit of the neighborhood in ways they couldn’t before.

How Customizing a Golf Cart is Like Choosing a Car

One thing to understand is how much customizing a golf cart means. Older people have a lot to tell, and they often want to tell this in the choices they make.

Think about this: there’s no reason we should have so many makes and models of cars on the road. There’s no need for it. Yet people develop preferences and brand loyalties. If they want an SUV and a performance car rolled into one but that doesn’t do the job of either, then they’re going to find it and buy it. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just needs to be something representative of their personality.

The same goes for golf carts. We personalize for practical needs, sure – a hunting golf cart is different from one to get you to the store and back. Yet even within this, there are a hundred choices we make in order to personalize our choice. Others may not even see half these choices, but just like a car: we know when we drive that golf cart exactly what those choices are.

Customized Golf Carts Tell a Story

Customizing a golf cart is as much about reinforcing our own ideas of ourselves as anything else. This is why it’s so important not to shoot a customer’s customization ideas down. These ideas may be reflective of how he perceives himself – shoot the idea down and he defends himself as if you’re criticizing something in him.

It’s far better to embrace a customer’s idea and then offer them a new one. They can embrace this idea as newly representative of themselves in some way, too. It’s also why it’s so crucial to sit down on the same side. A golf cart customization app allows you to do just this.

By using a golf cart customization app, you can sit down beside a customer to pick and choose every little detail that goes into their golf cart. You’re not contending over ideas anymore, you’re building something together. This gives the customer the chance to tell you their story through the choices they make. They’ll want to show off and tell you why a certain choice is important to them. So long as you embrace this and keep it about the golf cart, closing that sale will become much easier.