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Demand is soaring for high tech golf carts. Customization and technology both have a role to play in that demand. If golfing is a luxury, then technology makes golfing even more luxurious. This kind of technology is built around two factors. If you can close a club on both factors using a golf cart customization app, you’ll close the sale.

High Tech for Members

The first factor is member experience. This has to do with making club members feel like the technology caters to them. This is built out from a touch screen that’s connected to the club’s network. From here, you can use an electronic scorecard – a simple idea you’ve seen before. Except now you can call up your past scorecards at the club. Has your game improved? Are you trying to remember a former score, or see what you might have been doing differently on a particular hole?

You can plug some basic analytics in so members can get excited over their history of performance, and compare their scores. They can e-mail their scores to themselves and each other – all from your golf cart on your golf course.

It’s not just this. Golf carts can also show distance to the hole. This lets members know how far their drive went, and how close their ball is to the hole.

Are they coming back to the club? Why wait to order food? They can order from the cart for their entire party. This way, their food is ready the minute they get back. And when we order from touch screens, we always tend to order a little bit more, don’t we?

High Tech for the Club

Of course, these are elements that benefit the club, too. If members are e-mailing each other their scores and sharing analytics, that means they’re talking about your business at home. It helps them keep the club at the forefront of their minds and encourages them to return.

If you can eliminate the wait time a table would normally spend deciding what to eat, you can increase turnover at the club restaurant. Meals are already ordered, so wait staff can move directly on to taking drink orders.

There are additional elements that are specifically directed at the club, of course. GPS allows you to create No-Go Zones. This lets members know if they’re taking the cart into a place they shouldn’t, and it will re-direct them on a better route. With members protected from cart accidents this way, a club is less exposed to liability and will have to spend substantially less on cart maintenance.

If someone tries to steal a cart, the cart can automatically lock if it’s goes too far into any unapproved zone. (Theft is a rare occurrence, but it still feels good to be protected from it in this way.)

A cart can self-report if it’s running low on battery or if there’s a technical issue. This allows you to quickly correct if an employee sends the wrong cart out. You can send a fresh cart out to a group and take the other in for re-charging.


Customized high tech golf carts are the wave of the future. Soon, members will start to question clubs that don’t offer these features. These features are available on major brand golf carts and can be tailored through a frequently updated golf cart customization app.