Make Customization Easier with Golf Cart Builder Software

Written by Mindy

August 11, 2021


If you’re like many brands today, you’re searching for the ideal way to stand out in a crowded field. With thousands of golf cart dealers popping up and the demand for golf carts seemingly ever increasing, this industry is growing fast, and setting yourself apart as the golf cart dealer to consider is tougher than ever. Fortunately, there’s one easy way to do it – customize your product.

Wait, you already offer customization to your customers, right? Sure, this is not a new concept. A few customized wheels here. A customized cart body there. Maybe you’ve done some seat customization in the past. It’s always worth it because it adds to your bottom line, but it can be a tough sell, right?

Enter golf cart builder software. It’s the easiest way to convince customers to customize their carts and to help your business stand out at the same time. Wondering why? It’s simple. Customized products aren’t new to the golf cart sales arena, but they’re an extra perk. These days, all kinds of companies are offering customization options. You can customize your Tesla before you place an order. You may even be able to customize your shirts, your Nikes, or even your vitamin order. Customers want to be seen as individuals more than they ever did before. They want to stand out, and golf cart builder software can help them do exactly that.

This customization software offers you some real bonuses too. You get the opportunity to charge more for every single cart, and that can mean a real boost to your bottom line. Some studies have shown that many customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for exclusive products (like customized golf carts that meet their specifications). More than that, though, offering customization at this level is a serious conversation starter, and that can mean additional word of mouth advertising that you won’t get without this software tool on your site. Finally, adding this software to your site means an increase in the number of satisfied customers. Not every customer wants the same thing, and offering them this option, through your website or even in your dealership, is a powerful opportunity.

Ready to learn more about how golf cart builder software will make customization easier for your customers? Give us a call today.

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