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Nowadays, golf carts are not just limited to the golf course. You can now drive your street legal golf carts anywhere you’d like to. There are several top-notch customizable golf cart manufacturers and Icon Electric Vehicles is one of them. The Icon Golf Cart Electric Vehicles offers high-quality customizable golf carts that can be used for multiple purposes. You can get an Icon golf cart for commercial, recreational, hotel/resort, hunting, farming, utility, and campus use. The Icon Electric Vehicles has several models to offer. All of them are dedicated to different domains such as commercial, golf, recreation, hotel and resort, and utility and campus. 

Here is a complete overview of all models and their different variants and extra features that Icon Electric Vehicles offer to their valuable customer:

ICON Electric Vehicles

Icon Golf Carts have four model series for its electric vehicles (EV), named ICON i20, ICON i40, ICON i60, and i80. Moreover, these model series have different trim levels as well. Here is the detail of every model and its different trim levels.

icon golf cart raven black metallic

ICON Golf Cart Accessories

Golf carts are now being used for various purposes over the last few years. People purchase them for hunting, farming, and camping as well. Moreover, you can now even use the street legal golf carts for commercial purposes. This massive change has given tremendous value to the golf cart industry, and manufacturers are now making millions of dollars.

You can easily drive your golf cart to specific places. However, you need certain accessories attached to your golf cart to make it street legal. Besides this, there are plenty of accessories that golf cart owners love to have in their vehicles. Icon Electric Vehicles offers almost all the necessary accessories in all types of golf carts. Here is a list of some of the most basic and necessary golf cart accessories that you will get inside an Icon EV.

Side Mirrors
Many stock units of golf carts come without any side mirrors. It is perfectly okay as you’re intended to drive it into the golf course or any other restricted place. But, if you are planning to bring it on the general traffic road, you need to mount a pair of side mirrors on both front corners of your vehicle. Icon Electric Vehicles provides pre-mounted side mirrors on all types of electric vehicles.

Windshields in golf carts have plenty of benefits. You don’t face any trouble while driving in unfavorable conditions. Moreover, it saves you from different types of injuries that you can face without a windshield. The Icon Electric Vehicles offer windshields in some of their golf carts variants. Besides this, you can easily mount a custom windshield on your Icon EV golf cart as well without any issue or inconvenience.

All Types Of Lights
Many golf cart manufacturers just add headlights to their vehicles. This approach restricts these vehicles to just golf courses. On the other hand, the Icon Electric Vehicles provide all types of traffic lights as golf cart accessories in their golf carts. You will get headlights, taillights, brake lights, and signal lights in every variant of golf carts. This complete set of lights makes them street legal as well.

Apart from that, you can also purchase and mount LED bulbs and lights with your Icon EV golf cart separately.

Rear Flip Seat Kit
A golf cart rear flip seat kit offers a couple of great benefits. This is a type of golf cart accessory that is loved by almost every golf cart owner. It offers extra seating capacity in your vehicle. Besides this, you can also increase the free space by flipping it down. Moreover, it is important to remember that a rear flip seat kit is a must to make your vehicle street legal. Icon Electric Vehicles offers these flip seat kits in most of their golf cart variants.

Rims And Tires
These two are essential accessories of any golf cart. Icon EV’s golf carts are always equipped with high-quality tires and rims. You get extra road grip with the Icon Electric Vehicles provided tires. Moreover, the company offers shining and attractive aluminum rims as well. These rims give an outstanding look to your very own golf cart. Moreover, you can easily attach custom-made rims to your Icon golf cart if you’re not interested in pre-mounted rims.

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ICON Golf Cart Colors

Golf Cart Color options:

Torch Red, Raven Black Metallic, Lime Green, Alpine White Metallic, Forest Green Metallic, Indigo Blue Metallic, Tuscan Yellow, Sangria Red Metallic, Champagne Metallic, Caribbean Blue.

icon golf cart alpine white metallic

Alpine White Metallic

icon golf cart champagne metallic

Champagne Metallic

icon golf cart caribbean blue

Caribbean Blue

icon golf cart indigo blue metallic

Indigo Blue Metallic

icon golf cart torch red

Torch Red

icon golf cart sangria red metallic

Sangria Red Metallic

icon golf cart tuscan yellow

Tuscan Yellow

icon golf cart lime green

Lime Green

icon golf cart forest green

Forest Green

icon golf cart raven black metallic

Raven Black Metallic

ICON i20, i20L, i20U Golf Cart Specifications

It’s the base model of Icon’s electric vehicles, limited to two persons seating capacity. The Icon EV i20 golf cart series has two further trim levels as well, named Icon EV i20 U and Icon EV i20L. Have a look at the below specifications to know more about the Icon i20 model series.

All the variants of the Icon i20 model run on 48 volts AC 4kw supply. This supply relates to the US trojan lead-acid battery with Nextgen AGM or Nextgen Advanced Lithium. The Icon i20 variant has a Toyota 350 AMP motor. However, the other two variants, the Icon i20L and Icon i20U have Toyota 350 AH and Toyota 440 AH motors. All these variants offer the facility of an onboard charger.

All the variants of the Icon i20 golf cart series offer excellent performance. You can cover 20-25 miles in one full charge. The I20L delivers up to 28 MPH forward speed. But, the forward speed of the other two variants depends upon their usage.

The chassis of the Icon i20 series consists of A-frame powder-coated steel, four-wheel coil-over-shock suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes. The Icon i20 and Icon i20U keep 4.5-inch ground clearance. On the other side, the Icon i20L has a massive 7-inch ground clearance.

All the variants of the Icon i20 golf cart series including head, tail, brake, and signal lights. You get 10-inch wheels in Icon i20 and Icon i20U, while Icon i20L has 12-inch wheels. Other included things are horns, seatbelts, side mirrors, etc.

ICON i40, i40L, i40F Golf Cart Specifications

It’s a mid-size model with four persons seating capacity. This model golf cart has 3 trim levels, called the Icon i40, i40L, i40F. Check out further details in below description:

All the trim levels of the Icon i40 golf cart series have a 48 volts AC 4kw supply. You get the US trojan lead-acid battery with Nextgen AGM or Nextgen Advanced Lithium connected with the supply. Moreover, all the variants have the same Toyota 350 AMP motor as well.

Moving into the performance zone, you get to see a similar 25-50 miles mileage in full charge. However, the forward max speed in all trim levels is based on their usage.

The structure of all the variants is also similar in every aspect. You will have A-frame powder-coated steel, four-wheel coil-over-shock suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes in the Icon i40 variants.

The Icon i40 golf cart variants include head, tail, brake, and signal lights. Just like the Icon i20 model, the Icon i40L of the Icon i40 series has a 12-inch wheel size. However, the other two variants have the usual 10-inch wheel size.

ICON i60, i60L, i60F Golf Cart Specifications

It’s also a mid-size model series but with six persons seating capacity. The rest of the details are pretty similar to the Icon i20 and Icon i40 model series.

All the variants of the Icon i60 golf cart series come with the US trojan lead-acid battery, with Nextgen AGM or Nextgen Advanced Lithium. This battery gets a 48 volts AC 4kw supply. The Icon i60 golf cart and i60L equip the Toyota 350 AMP motor. Whereas the Icon i60F variant has a 350 AH motor.

All the trim levels of the Icon i60 golf cart model series offer similar performance in fuel average. You can cover between 25-50 miles in one charge.

You will get A-frame powder-coated steel, four-wheel coil-over-shock suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes in the Icon i60 model series. Moreover, all the variants provide 4.5 inches of ground clearance.

All the variants of the Icon i60 golf cart series have the necessary lights like a standard vehicle. Just like the previous pattern, its Icon i60L has a 12-inch wheel size. The rest of the variants have the traditional 10-inch wheel size.

ICON i80 Golf Cart Specifications

It’s the only full-size model of Icon’s electric vehicles. This Icon EV Golf Cart has a seating capacity of up to 8 persons. You can use it for various purposes because of Its larger seating capacity. It has a Toyota 350 AH motor. You can get a max forward speed of 28 MPH. Apart from that, the rest of the details from power, performance, structure, and equipment are similar to the other explained models and their variants. This model is usually used for other purposes rather than as a golf cart.

ICON Golf Carts For Sale

Icon Electric Vehicles have 4 dedicated variants for golf carts. These variants are Icon Golf Cart i20, i40, i40L, and i40F. The Icon golf cart i40 series has a seating capacity of up to four people. Whereas the Icon i20 is limited to just two people. All these golf carts come with a 10-inch wheel size except the Icon i40L with a 12-inch wheel size. The rest of the specifications are almost the same in all these variants. Alongside this, there are several color options available to choose from. So, get the Icon golf cart in your favorite color. All you need to do is to open their sales page, enter some specific details, and get a price quote according to your entered specifications.

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FAQ for the ICON Golf Cart

Where are icon golf carts manufactured?

Icon Electric Vehicles is an American golf cart manufacturing company. They have their head office located in Tampa, Florida, and most of their vehicles are also manufactured here.

Icon i40 golf cart price?

The price of the mid-size, four-seater Icon I40 golf cart starts from $7000, and moves up to $8500, based on the included accessories and equipment.

How fast are Icon golf carts?

The speed of Icon golf carts depends upon the usage of golf carts. However, the maximum speed that an Icon golf cart offers is 28 MPH.

How do I speed up my Icon golf cart?

The speed of an Icon golf cart depends upon the motor attached inside its engine, and it cannot cross a certain limit of speed. You can change this motor to speed up your golf cart. However, it is not recommended to do so.

How often do I need to charge my batteries?

It’s better to charge your batteries after using your golf cart for a full day.

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