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How to Get a Golf Cart Sale Out of a Repair

Many golf cart dealers also deal with maintenance and repairs. Sometimes this means you're maintenancing a 20 year old golf cart that's on its last legs. Sometimes it means you're repairing a golf cart someone drove into a pond. Whatever the case, it's an...

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Discounting vs. Upselling Golf Carts: What’s Right?

People want things that are different. As much as any customer wants to fit in, they also want something that sets them apart. Dealerships can get into tricky territory when it comes to upselling golf carts and adding customizations. Sometimes they lower...

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Don’t Overlook These 3 Industries for Golf Cart Sales

As any golf cart sales professional knows, there are many places where customized golf carts can be used in unique and novel ways. Many organizations would get tremendous use of a golf cart, but simply haven't thought of it yet. Still others have...

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High Tech Golf Carts: Customization Wave of the Future

  Demand is soaring for high tech golf carts. Customization and technology both have a role to play in that demand. If golfing is a luxury, then technology makes golfing even more luxurious. This kind of technology is built around two factors. If you can...

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5 Tips for Managing Golf Cart Customer Leads

  Managing golf cart customer leads can be difficult for many dealerships. The old-fashioned approach isn't as effective as it used to be. Older generations may still like the personal approach, but with younger generations, a business checking in...

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Golf Cart Sales Lesson: In the Door, Out of a Sale

Some friends of mine have a car dealership story that can tell us something about golf cart sales. They recently went to a car dealer because of a great deal that was advertised. They had a model of the car that was six years old, that they believed they...

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Micro-Transit with Golf Carts: Industry Dealers Should Watch

One of the most exciting new industries for dealers is micro-transit. We've written about this briefly before, and it's worth taking a deeper look at how micro-transit is revolutionizing the sale and use of customized golf carts. Opportunity in Columbus...

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A Real Golf Cart Customization App for Dealers

Customer-facing golf cart customization apps are a dime a dozen, and they're worth all 10 of those pennies...but not much more. The problem for any dealership is that these apps take power away from the dealer and the customer. Their options are designed...

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Closing Customers on New Golf Carts Instead of Used

With a used golf cart, what you get is what you get. What you can't see is often something that will come back to bite you. Yet customers don't react to fear well. Make them fear getting a used golf cart and they'll attach that fear to getting new golf...

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Use Golf Cart Customizing to Work a Slow Developing Lead

One of the most difficult kinds of customers you see are the ones who will run their old equipment into the ground. They come in all varieties. Some have a legitimate reason they don't want to spend money on a new golf cart. Others have enough money to buy...

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