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Help Customers Understand Golf Cart Lift Kits

If a customer wishes to use a larger tire, they'll need to utilize one of the golf cart lift kits available today. Which lift kit is best for their customized golf cart. If you don't make the right choice, they'll be unhappy with performance and durability...

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Educate Golf Cart Customers about Voltage and Amperage

You're selling a customized electric golf cart. Have you educated the customer about voltage and amperage? This can break a sale when a customer can't wrap their head around understanding what they're trying to buy. The less a customer understands, the...

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Best MadJax Golf Cart Customizations

MadJax is one of our favorite suppliers of custom parts for golf carts. That's why we include their full range of parts on our golf cart customization app, Build Your Golf Cart. In fact, we offer some of the best MadJax golf cart customizations available...

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How Golf Cart Parts Replacement Helps Close Sales

Golf carts are made to be durable. Customized golf carts are even more durable – they're designed for specific jobs and environments. When you work with businesses or customers who've owned golf carts before, they'll be very familiar with the durability of...

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Focus on Flexibility: Golf Cart Mower vs. Riding Mower

Many people and businesses are interested in knowing more about the differences between a customized golf cart mower vs. riding mower. They both have advantages and you shouldn't hide this. The primary advantage of a customized golf cart is the sheer...

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How Dealers Protect Customers from Golf Cart Theft

When you and a customer are sitting down to customize a golf cart, remind them of a few steps that will help them protect their investment and prevent golf cart theft. Securing a golf cart can go a long way toward helping customers feel safer about their...

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Selling Golf Carts: Know All the Options, Then Narrow Them

How can you make the communication around selling golf carts simpler and more manageable? There was a study done several years ago about how chess masters become so good at their game. Those conducting the research simply expected that masters would see...

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Building Hybrid Golf Carts for Hunting

One of our favorite golf cart builds is the hybrid gas/electric for hunters. Obviously, golf carts for hunting need to be able to cover a vast range quickly. While there are electric carts that can do this, they sometimes trade speed for range. Gas is...

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Have You Ever Sold Golf Carts for Scientists?

Assumptions can keep you from expanding your sales base. Chances are good that if you name the first 5 uses for golf carts that come into your mind, the vast majority of your customers' needs will fit into those. As salespeople, it's easy to grow content...

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Golf Cart Racing Comes in Many Forms

You can race anything. You can race on foot, on skates, on skis. You can race cars and trucks. You can race drones today. Yet you may not have thought of golf cart racing. It's OK, other people have. There are some people who like golf carts, but just...

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