Why and How You Should Build Your Own Golf Cart?

Written by BYGC Team

May 14, 2021

build your own golf cart


Buying a golf cart versus building your own golf cart is a debate that has been taking place for a while now. Both choices have their pros and cons. Golfers, hunters, recreational users go with what they think is best for them. Buying a golf cart is though easy as you visit different golf cart dealers and after checking out multiple golf carts, you go with the one that suits you the most and you can buy it online as well. But you might miss something you are dreaming to have in your own golf cart.

On the other hand, many people prefer building their own golf cart over buying a golf cart. And to make your life easy an amazing software is available online. Build Your Golf Cart will help you in building your own cart. The complete customization option while building your own golf cart is the most popular reason why many people prefer this over buying a basic stock cart. You can make your golf cart as per your imagination, and that’s the thing most people love about it. You can select any color that you like the most.

Moreover, you can also choose your favorite tires and much more while building your own golf cart. That’s not over yet as you can also copy the look of some of the most expensive pre-made golf carts out there. Although these custom-built golf carts cost you way more than the normal ones, the nostalgic feel that they offer is unmatchable.

The customization of golf carts lets you change the traditional style. You can make your golf cart look like a jeep, race car, or even like a mini cooper. More traditional changes are taking a used stock golf cart from a golf course and changing out the rims, body paint color, and seat to fit your comfort and style. All these perks of the building of your own golf cart attract a lot of people.

Now, the next part is all about how to do that? How can you build your own golf cart from scratch?

Buying a golf cart looks easy, while building a golf cart may look like a hectic task. However, it’s not that difficult at all. The first thing you need to do is order the necessary parts from various online and offline resources. This custom building of a golf cart takes some skill and time as well. Build Your Golf Cart is changing the dynamics.

Here are some of the basics when it comes to building your own golf cart.

Build A Golf Cart in 1-Minute Video for Inspiration

build a golf cart yamaha


  • A garage or shop to work in
  • A tape measure
  • A centrifugal clutch or power converter
  • A motorcycle or lawnmower motor
  • Some wrenches
  • A screwdriver

All this equipment will help you out through this golf cart building process. You can also set up the motor with the help of these tools.

Here is the step-by-step guide in your journey towards making your own golf cart:


This is the first step that you need to take while building your own golf cart. You can easily find a used, old golf cart from different golf-related groups or communities. However, not every golf cart brand works best for further customization. You shouldn’t choose a used cart blindly.

So, what are the best brands and models which are ideal for custom built?

Well, you can go for EZGO RXV, EZGO TXT, Yamaha Drive 1, and Yamaha Drive 2. Moreover, check out the cart before buying, and make sure that you can easily create further improvisation on it without any hurdle.

So, coming to the question “How to build a golf cart?” Start with finding a used golf cart from any reputed brand. You can go for Club Car Precedent, Club Car Onward, EZGO RXV, EZGO TXT, Yamaha Drive 1, Yamaha Drive 2, ICON i20, STAR EV, or Tomberlin. There are several brands and models out there and you need to find the right fit for your choice.


After buying the cart, the next thing you need to do is to build your own golf cart kit to disassemble the golf cart into different parts. This is a sensitive process and requires extra attention. Any damage to different parts can decrease the resale value. You can also buy a kit of your own choice from a website.


After disassembling the cart, you need to clean it well before putting any paint on it. There are different cleaning methods you can apply for this purpose. You can skip this process if the cart is in good condition.


Electrical work and wiring is a core element of any motor vehicle. You need to make the necessary wiring for the different parts of your golf cart such as accelerator, radio, lighting, and audio. Alongside this, you also need to install the renewed rear axle. It’s important to use quality material in all this making and installation to diminish the chances of any future problem.


It is the easiest step of this whole process. You can use any type of motor engine such as a motorcycle engine or lawnmower engine with decent horsepower. Slide the engine in its desired place and tighten it up with the help of screws. Make sure that the engine is fixed tightly.

To avoid any rubbing of tires and suspension, leave some functional spaces on top of the hangers. It will provide adequate clearance at the front of the vehicle.


Used golf carts usually have weak brakes. So, it’s better to replace the old brakes with the new ones to avoid any accident. The installation of spindles, suspension, and shock absorbers is also a part of this step to make your ride more comfortable.


Check out the body paint of the cart that you buy and ensure whether it is original or showered. If the paint is original and in good condition, it’s better to keep it the way it is. However, if you feel the need to change it, you can go for changing the paint.

custom golf cart colors


Graphics are the most appealing element of a golf cart. This is where you get more room to apply what you like the most. You can showcase your creativity with colors on a golf cart. It’s always better to apply minor changes to the original graphics of the golf cart. It keeps an original feel. Otherwise, it will probably be criticized by the viewers. A light combination of different colors will be an ideal choice. Choosing a funky theme or design can make people laugh at your cart.


After choosing the graphics, it is time to install the wheels. Wheel installation is an easy process, and it will not take long. Before the installation process, select the best available tires and wheels that offer good performance and durability. Always choose those tires which provide extra traction to handle slippery surfaces.

golf cart wheels  


This process takes place at the end. Assemble all the electrical components such as LED lights, speakers, and indicators. Maximize the brightness level to LED lights to increase visibility in gloomy weather.

Now, your custom-built golf cart is ready to ride on the golf course. Take necessary safety measures before moving it on the track. Online software Build Your Golf Cart is changing client’s experiences and improving lives. We can say that BYGC will make your 2021 a bit better!

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