retirement custom golf carts

People who have retired have put some miles on their legs over the years, but they still like to enjoy the outdoors at their own pace. Bad knees, bad hips, shortness of breath, surgeries – there are a host of reasons that retired people have trouble navigating the outdoors as well as they’d like. There’s a solution that dealers can provide: golf carts.

The Golf Cart Boom

This is why retirement communities of all kinds have recently focused on providing easy trails. The Villages, an 83,000 strong seniors community near Orlando, boasts more than 50,000 golf carts. The golf cart lifestyle has even become a talking point there. Most everyone owns one.

Golf carts for seniors offer a range of mobility that they otherwise have trouble enjoying. Before any other concerns, seniors seek ways to stay mobile. It helps them participate instead of feeling like the world is moving on past them. Yet dealers need a way to easily customize golf carts for senior buyers.

Golf Cart Benefits

For retirement communities, the benefit is clear. Golf carts are cleaner and less noisy than cars, take up less space, cause less damage if they’re ill-handled, and can travel along trails and not just streets. It’s an incredible space-saver for the community, especially if it’s designed with golf cart living in mind.

Golf carts for seniors are also a major stress reducer for residents. They don’t create the traffic of cars, but they offer much of the same mobility. They allow seniors to visit each other and local shops where they can spend money that makes the community that surrounds and supports your own succeed. Golf carts allow them to take part in the world in a way they couldn’t if they were forced to be more stationary.

How Dealers Can Customize

It can be difficult for customers, dealers, and manufacturers to communicate about exactly what the buyer wants. The key is software that allows those three phases to enjoy clear communication. Different dealers and communities have different priorities, and need several makes on-call at a moment’s notice. That’s why you can use our app to mix and match parts, customize from more than 300 items, and come up with the perfect golf cart solutions to provide to senior communities. We offer customized Club Car Precedent, EZGO RXV, and Yamaha Drive golf carts.

Subscription allows you to treat the Build Your Golf Cart app as-a-service, which means constant updates with new items in the database every month. That keeps you on the cutting edge and able to offer the most recent and highly customized features in your golf carts. It’s a way for you to stand out in a growing industry.