EZGO RXV cart builder roof rack diamond plate running board fender flareGolf cart sales have boomed recently. Where once people saw an easy way to get around a golf course, today they see a a multi-purpose vehicle that can make their lives easier in any number of ways. From campus security and airport transport to retirement communities and gardening, the golf cart gets a workout. There are so many industries that take advantage of customized golf carts that you need to have the tools to be able to cater to each. Are you sure you have them?



Facility Transportation

We could dive into every type of facility that utilizes golf carts, from power plants and dams to airports to warehouses. Large facilities have a need for employees to quickly and safely make it across distances that sometimes rival small cities. This is used for passengers, for luggage, for personnel from CEOs to maintenance workers. Golf carts make these facilities operate, and are often run both indoors and outdoors. Every facility will have its own particular needs, but the ideal golf cart will be able to control speed and cornering tightly in busy locations while offering comfort and utility.


A golf cart for stables and barns has to be practical, with a good size loading bed able to carry hay bales or tools. It should be suited for uneven ground and easy to clean. You should ask if these golf carts will be used for working horses as well.

Hunting or Camping

Customized golf carts getting a lot of outdoor use will need off-road tires, good power, lift kits, and a lot of accessories. This is a place where people will often go all out. They want extremely personalized vehicles that can endure the weather and carry a lot of equipment over rough ground.

Campus Security

Whether a school campus or hospital campus, any organization that utilizes multiple buildings needs to be able to get around quickly on roads, sidewalks, and fields. Golf carts for campus security come in two flavors. You’ll either encounter campus security that wants to keep to a tight budget, or campus security that wants to go all out when they customize a golf cart. Get a sense of which of these you’re dealing with before launching into customizing golf carts for campus security.

Retirement Communities

The golf cart boom in retirement communities is real, and will only keep growing. Golf carts are the best way for those who have limited range of walking to get around. You can often get the management of a community to organize large groups of buyers. You’ll need to customize for each, but buyers will like the idea of saving and that the community has a relationship with your dealer.

Special Event Venues

Whether it’s for outdoor weddings, concert grounds, or other special events, outdoor venues have a special need for simple yet versatile golf carts. Quick transport makes management’s job so much easier in terms of maintenance and security. As an added bonus, they can often rent their golf carts to the special event itself, thereby justifying their purchase as creating an added revenue stream.

This barely touches the surface. Golf carts are also used for gardening, disability transport, even as snow plows! The versatility of golf carts will only grow as we move forward. The important part is that you have the ability to sit down beside and customize a golf cart with any and every industry. You can do that with a golf cart customization app, especially when it updates with a wide variety of new parts every month.