The Golf Cart: Everything You Need To Know

Written by Tyler

December 23, 2020

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The Golf Cart: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re tired of the golf cart rental fees or you simply wonder what owning a golf cart might be like, you’ve come to the right place. 

Golf cart sales have skyrocketed over the past few years and learning everything you can about these vehicles before you make a purchase is a wise decision. 

This quick guide can help you learn exactly what you need to know as you prepare to move forward with this fantastic purchase. 

The Benefits of Owning a Golf Cart

Let’s start with why you might even want to own a golf cart in the first place. 

Some come to golf cart ownership because they’re fed up with golf cart rental fees once they get to the clubhouse. Others are looking for an effortless way to get from place to place in small areas. 

Still, others are looking for an added vehicle that can help them complete tasks around their property. 

There are several reasons you might want to own a golf cart, and there are some great benefits to ownership. Here are a few of the most common. 

They’re affordable

Even if you go with a brand-new golf cart, you’re going to find one of the most affordable vehicles you’ve ever owned. The maintenance on these vehicles is incredibly inexpensive, and should you ever have a breakdown issue, they tend to be cheap to repair, too. 

They’re easy to use

Whether you drive regularly or have kids who need to get from place to place in your household, golf carts are easy to use. You just turn the key, hit the gas, then take off. There’s nothing complicated about a golf cart, and if you can drive a go-cart, you can certainly drive a golf cart. This makes it an ideal vehicle for older people or even kids. 

They’re fun

Golf cart communities abound these days, and any trip to the lake or another recreational spot is certain to reveal lots of golf carts. In fact, in many spaces, you may even find golf cart shows, parades, and festivals. There’s nothing quite as much fun as cruising around in your golf cart enjoying a beautiful day. 

The Top Brands to Know

Once you’re convinced a golf cart could be the best purchase you’ve ever made, you may want to familiarize yourself with the brands available. There are three top brands on the market today. 


EZGO golf cart manufacturers golf carts primarily for private owners. While you’ll see some of these on golf courses, the company typically makes carts for individual owners. They’re incredibly tough because they use a frame made from welded steel. That makes them great if you’re thinking of making upgrades and taking them off-road. You can typically choose from gas and electric, as well as two- and four-person seating with this brand. 

Club Car

Club Car typically makes its golf cart models for the residential market. Every Club Car golf cart sits on an aluminum frame, which may not be the best for off-roading, but it is the best for upgrades and customizations, especially when it comes to speed. Like the EZGO golf cart, you can get this in both gas and electric, as well as a few configurations to meet your needs. These tend to cost a bit more than other carts on the market, but they’re well worth it given the higher-end options you can get with it. 


Yamaha primarily makes its golf cart models for the commercial market, though many private owners buy these models as well. They tend to be some of the most expensive carts on the market, but Yamaha golf cart options are also some of the toughest and most reliable. They don’t come with quite as many options as the other models on the market, but you can customize them just as you would any other golf cart. 

Many other companies make golf carts as well. You’re likely to see offerings from Polaris, Taylor Dunn, Par Car, Cushman, and even Harley Davidson. 

While none of these brands have any real drawbacks, it may be harder to find the customization options you want most within the brand, and they certainly don’t have the following that the big three brands do. 

The Power Behind a Golf Cart

Choosing a manufacturer isn’t the only choice you need to make as you look for a golf cart to meet your needs. You’ll also have to decide what type of golf cart you want. 

Both gas and electric golf carts are good options. 

The one you select depends on your personal preference. Many people decide to go with a gas golf cart because they believe golf cart batteries are too expensive. 

The reality, though, is quite different. 

Golf cart batteries can get expensive, but the cost of running the two types are pretty much the same. You’ll need to replace your golf cart batteries every five to seven years. 

With a gas-powered golf cart, you’ll need to perform oil changes, keep an eye on the belts, fuel it up, and replace filters routinely too. A quick look at the numbers shows that the cost of ownership is about the same in both settings. 

So, what are the advantages? 

Electric golf carts are incredibly convenient and easy to use. Maintenance is almost nil, especially if you take care of your golf cart batteries, and they’re incredibly quiet. They’re also economically friendly. 

Gas golf carts, on the other hand, offer you added power and speed. They have far more pulling power, and they don’t need any charging time. In most cases, you can drive a gas golf cart on a road meant for cars because you can keep the minimum speed. Gas golf carts do tend to be more expensive at the dealership than electric carts are. 

Golf Cart Accessories You May Want to Invest In

How you power your golf cart is just one of many decisions you’ll need to make because golf carts aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition these days. There are custom golf carts almost everywhere as well as golf cart accessories to consider. If you can dream of an accessory, it’s possible with today’s custom golf carts. 

Imagine, for a moment, that you’d like a golf cart to do a bit of work on your property. Add a windshield, a brush guard, an extended cargo bed, and some tougher tires, and you have an equation that’s perfect no matter where you live. 

If, on the other hand, you want a golf cart to get you around the neighborhood, but you want to look great doing it, consider adding different wheels and rims, a custom body, and maybe some more comfortable seats, and you can spend the day in your cart with everyone looking at what a great piece of machinery it is. 

Golf cart accessories abound these days, and whether you want something simple like Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music while you’re out or need an upgrade like lighting so you can drive at night, there are many options to choose from to meet your needs. 

Nearly any dealer will offer you a variety of golf cart accessories to add to the package before you ever buy, so you may want to define exactly what you want before you walk into the dealership. 

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Golf Carts For Sale – Too Good to Be True?

You see an ad on Facebook linked to the term “Golf Carts for Sale Near Me,” so you click quickly. 

Unfortunately, used golf carts for sale are all you find. They look like they’ve been through a natural disaster and golf push carts just won’t meet your needs. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

You can find used golf carts for sale almost everywhere these days and understanding what might work for you and what you should avoid is key to getting exactly what you need. 

Start by considering the age of the golf cart

Older golf carts aren’t necessarily a bad investment but pay attention to the make and model before you decide to buy. It can help you with your research. 

Understand how easy or hard it is to get golf cart accessories and other parts for the used cart. 

You may also want to make sure that the make and model didn’t experience any real problems after production. 

You’ll also want to talk to the seller about how many hours (or cycles) are on the golf cart. When you go to look for a used car, typically you explore how many miles are on the car. This is the same idea. 

You’ll understand just how long the cart has been in service. 

If a dealer or seller seems reluctant to release that information, you may want to pass on the model, as it’s going to be tough to get a good understanding of whether the cart is worth the price you’re paying without those numbers. 

If you’re looking at an electric golf cart, you’ll want to make sure the golf cart batteries are in decent shape. Bad batteries can be an expensive proposition when you’re just buying them, so make sure they’re not corroded or bulging at the sides. If they’re clean and free from any damage, they’re likely a worthwhile investment. 

Avoid the temptation to just look at the price

If you’re shopping for a golf cart, remember that you’ve probably already started making a list of features and golf cart accessories you want in your mind. 

Even if the vehicle isn’t new, it doesn’t mean you can’t look for a custom golf cart with everything you want on it. 

This is an investment just like any other vehicle, and golf carts typically last for years, so you don’t want to get stuck with something you’re not happy with. 

If you want an EZGO golf cart, for example, with an electric engine and a custom flatbed for hauling brush around your property, don’t negotiate for a used Yamaha that doesn’t have any of those features but happens to be cheap. Instead, pick one that fits your style.  

You may see the words used and refurbished thrown around when it comes to golf carts. Both are an excellent choice. 

Refurbished golf carts typically come from a golf course or corporate facility that has decided to retire them from their fleet. Usually, they’re reconditioned from a certified dealer, and often they come with a good warranty. 

Used golf carts come at a lower price tag, but they sometimes come with their problems. Shop carefully for one that meets your needs. 

The next time you head for the green, don’t shell out the cash for a golf cart rental. Instead, start shopping for your model!

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