One use of golf carts that many dealers overlook is golf carts for facilities management. You take the ones that walk in the door because they need to replace something that’s falling apart from the 90s, sure, but there isn’t the outreach to help facilities managers shape the use of golf carts for maintenance.

Facilities management teams can be responsible for colleges and universities, hospital campuses, fields, parks, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, retirement communities…the list goes on and on. Sometimes they go by other names, but the job is always similar: to provide maintenance for a large area and/or a large group of people.

This is a tough job, demanding hard work, quick response, and a lot of flexibility of responsibilities. There are many that still approach the job like it was taking place decades ago, using vans and then walking their heavy equipment and supplies through open spaces, walkways, or other areas where full-size vehicles can’t go.

Golf Carts for Maintenance

The answer for them is golf carts, but you can’t hook someone on just having a golf cart. Even if the answer they already have for their problem is a bad or antiquated one, they still have an answer for it that works. You need to be more specific than simply replacing vans and trucks and walking with golf carts that can make their facility or campus more accessible for them.

As much as people like the same job being made easier, to them it’s still ultimately the same job. What you need to do is change the shape of the job itself. The answer isn’t just golf carts for maintenance, but how specifically they can use the golf carts to change what the job itself is.

This can be done chiefly through customizing golf carts with them. Facilities managers can customize the golf cart to suit their own particular needs and the way they want to do the job. This include everything from tires to racks. Some carts will need to traverse fields, others tarmac. Some will need to cut through a residential neighborhood, while others will have to deal with endless parking lots.

Golf Cart Customization

The tools they use for the job will also be particular, so ensure that they sit alongside you to use a golf cart customization app. This will help you build the golf cart side by side. This isn’t salesman and customer sitting across the table from each other, but rather two people solving a problem side by side.

The more they customize the golf cart, the more they’ll begin to imagine how it will be used on the job. At this point, they’re already picturing owning the golf cart. In this way, you can let the golf cart customization app do some of your work for you.

Golf carts for facilities management departments is often overlooked and many maintenance crews are using equipment that’s long past its retirement date. By offering them a way to easily customize a golf cart that’s inexpensive, durable, and flexible, you can change the nature of the way they look at their jobs. That’s a hard concept for anyone to turn their back on.