5 Questions To Ask Dealers In Tifton That Sell Golf Carts Before You Buy One

Written by Mindy

June 14, 2021


Thinking about purchasing a golf cart in Tifton? You’re not alone. Golf carts are a popular way to get around in Tifton, and whether you’re using it on your property or you just want a fun way to get from place to place, buying a golf cart is a great idea. If you’re new to the world of golf carts, though, sitting down with a golf cart dealer in Tifton is probably the best way to begin the process, but what should you even ask before you start looking at carts? Take a look at the top five questions to ask dealers in Tifton that sell golf carts.


Do You Offer Both New and Used Golf Carts?

This question is an incredibly important one because while you might initially be in the market for a new golf cart, the prices on used golf carts might be enough to sway you the other way. Used golf carts are typically a really good deal if you get one that’s going to last you well into the future. Finding a dealer that has both new and old carts on the lot is a great way to ensure you have enough choices to choose the right product.


What Brands Do You Carry?

There are three major golf cart brands available today – Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. There are other off-brand golf carts, too, though. It’s important to note that all three manufacturers make great golf carts, and the parts and accessories for each of the three major brands are fairly easy to get. Golf cart reviews, though, will help you rank which one might be right for your purposes. After all, using a golf cart to get from space to space on your acreage in Tifton is quite different than using it on paved surfaces throughout the city. Knowing what each dealer offers and what you can get is the only way to understand whether you need to find another dealer.


What Type of Inspection Do You Do On Used Golf Carts?

Most golf cart dealers in Tifton (and beyond) do quite a bit of inspection to help ensure that all of the safety parts, the battery, and even some of the exterior parts have been replaced and are in great condition. Not all of them, though, do, so it’s important to ask. If they can’t tell you what they’ve replaced and/or even examined on the golf cart, you may want to consider another dealer.


Do Your Golf Carts Come with Accessories?

Golf cart accessories make up much of the fun of today’s carts, so you’ll want to be sure you’re working with a dealer that offers carts with accessories or at least offers them as an upgrade. After all, you may really want to improve your seats, tires, or even add a windshield, and you need to make certain the golf cart dealer in Tipton has the capacity to do so.


Do Your Golf Carts Have a Warranty?

Unlike cars, there’s no lemon law for golf carts, so look into their warranty so you can be sure that if there are problems with the cart down the road, your Tipton golf cart dealer will help you solve it after you’ve made such a big purchase with them.

There are many dealers in Tifton that sell golf carts. “For Sale,” though, may mean one thing to one dealer and another thing entirely to a different one, so be sure you shop around, ask the right questions, and find the perfect cart before you make a purchase.

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