Airports have very different requirements for golf carts than almost any other customer. This holds true for major, international airports and smaller, more local facilities. Airports won’t be concerned about golf carts being street legal. They’re far more concerned with custom golf carts for airports that can carry multiple passengers and serve disabled and elderly customers. This means they’ll want to have multiple seats, as well as someplace for carry-on luggage to go. A rear bed is a good way of solving this latter problem, while comfortable 4- or 6-seat golf carts are available.

Yet they’ll also want precise control for this size of golf cart. The brakes have to be good. Airports are busy places and any golf cart working one will have to be able to control well and make tight corners.

Power & Durability

You’re dealing almost exclusively in electric-powered custom golf carts for airports. Given that most of their carts will have to go in and out, they don’t really have a choice to use gas-powered carts. The better a lifespan and reliability the battery has, the better. These are golf carts that will be expected to be in use throughout the day. They won’t be running any races, but they will constantly be running while carrying passengers and luggage. That can add up to hundreds of pounds in weight.

In the case the golf cart will be used only outside – such as in a maintenance vehicle – then a gas-powered cart might be considered, though remember that outside use may include working in enclosed hangars and maintenance areas. Be sure to check this consideration with the buyer. An alternate option is to use an electric-powered cart and to employ a solar roof kit to help it regenerate power.


They’ll want at least a few vehicles with ramp accessibility. This will also demand extra space in this seating area for the wheelchair to fit and be locked in during transport. Airports will always look to save money, but this will be a place they won’t want to skimp. A hydraulic wheel chair ramp with a switch to operate it from the cab is really best. This is more efficient and durable than any other approach.

Unique Gear

There will be a few accessories here that you won’t use in most other places – a beacon light to set atop the golf cart, strobe light capability for the headlights, reflective safety triangles. It all depends on how the golf cart will be used precisely.

There won’t be a need for lift kits or any kind of real outdoor accessories. Instead, the goal will be to design golf carts that can serve the most people throughout the course of the day. The focus is on efficiency and durability. Every airport will need a few different designs – not every cart will necessarily need a wheelchair ramp, and maintenance golf carts will require something very different from those working on the concourse. Smaller airports will also have different needs and budgets to work within from larger ones.

You can design golf carts using a golf cart customization app. This allows you to select from a parts list that’s updated every month. It can help you efficiently design a few different models for an airport to consider. Then you and the customer can refine from there. A subscription model means that the golf cart customization app is constantly updated, and you can customize using the latest models and parts from multiple companies at once.