Custom Golf Cart Bodies

Written by Mindy

February 3, 2021

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The Best Custom Golf Cart Bodies On The Market

Golf cart – just a few decades ago, the term meant a single body style. These days, though, there’s a very different picture. The standard boxy style so many associate with the term is long gone. With the explosive growth of the golf cart market, entirely new styles are being released and now, more than ever, unique custom golf cart bodies are possible in nearly every configuration available.

Why Consider Custom Golf Cart Bodies?

There are many reasons to upgrade your golf cart with a custom body kit. One of the most popular, though, is to make it more useful. Upgrading your golf cart body style means adding scratch resistance, a bit of color, or even features that help make your cart street legal. 

Custom golf cart bodies, though, don’t just mean added features. Many people invest in these options for serious style. One look at the options, and you’ll quickly understand what’s possible with golf carts these days. From unique off-roading features often included in customized bodies to options that make it look like your typical vehicle, you’re quickly going to fall in love with making your golf cart look like no other. You can even take things one step further and make it parade worthy with really unique custom golf cart bodies. If you’ve yet to see pictures of some incredibly unique custom body kits like those that turn your cart into a 50’s style roadster or those that recreate the sports car you’ve always dreamed about, you haven’t yet imagined what’s truly possible with these options. 

How Do I Customize My Golf Cart?

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to custom body kits, look no further than your dealer. Most golf cart dealers offer custom kits at the time of purchase, but if you have an older cart you’re looking to repair and upgrade, many dealer service centers are happy to help with that project too. 

Custom golf cart bodies help take your golf cart to the next level, and they’re absolutely worth your time and effort. 

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