Double Take Golf Cart Build-It-Yourself

Written by Mindy

August 29, 2017

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Build Your Custom Double Take Golf Cart

Golf cart customization apps can’t call themselves complete without featuring a way to create a custom DoubleTake golf car. We feature a full range of DoubleTake accessories and parts. They have a remarkable line that we feel any customization app should include.

It’s worth talking about what DoubleTake does perhaps better than anyone else, though: DoubleTake prides themselves on their range of golf cart colors. Some won’t worry about colors too much, but for others, it’s an essential choice that makes or breaks a sale.

By including DoubleTake customizations, we feature a tremendous amount of color customization. DoubleTake focuses on matching colors across a full range of parts and accessories. This includes:

Body Kits:

This is the most obvious inclusion, but it’s worth mentioning because DoubleTake’s 20 colors and finishes are second to none. A lot of work goes into their finding just the right hue, tone, and finish. This allows the body kits to look well designed and high quality at any time of day.

Double Take Body Kits; Spartan, Phoenix, Phantom, Precedent, Titan and the Vortex.

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Color Matched:

Use Black or Sand colors to mix and match with your main color in Ruby, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Teal, Sky, Blue, Navy, Purple, Burgundy, Pink, Bronze, Black, Graphite, Silver, Pearl, White, and Camo. With using their DoubleTake kits and accessories building your custom golf cart has become easier.

Deluxe Cushions:

DoubleTake doesn’t just slap a color on some cushions. They feature designs that are particular to most of their colors, off-set with either black or white. By featuring different designs for different colors, DoubleTake makes every color selection look unique from the next, and not just like a different color version of the same pattern.


The dash covers are hardy and look good in the full range of colors. They’re durable and put thought into how you might grip the dash while riding or getting in and out.

Range of Tops:

With short track, long track, and limo track, there are a range of tops. These don’t just fit different lengths of cart, they also set each length apart from the next in terms of visual pattern.

Wheel Inserts:

These are great options, allowing you to feature the color of your cart in the wheel. This is visually arresting as the wheels’ colors spin around.

Deluxe Enclosures:

The worst look is a golf cart of a certain color with an enclosure of another color. Sure, it’s not that big of a deal, but when DoubleTake makes enclosures in all their colors, it’s hard not to take advantage of the offer.

Pilot Steering Wheel:

The steering wheels stand out, subscribing to DoubleTake’s design aesthetic of simple color schemes that take advantage of elegant shapes.


Beyond this, you can match your custom DoubleTake golf car accessories to their color options. This helps ensure that anything else you add to the cart or carry on the cart can match in color scheme to what you’ve selected.

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