golf cart customizationWhen you run a golf cart dealership, it helps to feel like you’re on the same side as the customer. You want whatever tools help you work together instead of oppose each other. You don’t want to be customer and dealer, you want to be two people having fun putting a golf cart together. This should be the goal of any golf cart customization app.

It’s this attitude of participation and collaboration that drives the sale. If the customer is taking part in shaping the golf cart, if they’re choosing parts and telling you as the dealer why they want them, then they’re doing all the work of the sale for you. This is the surest way to close – to have the customer sell it to you by the end.

This is the facet of running a dealership that too many golf cart customization apps fail to recognize. They’re built for the purpose of selling the app to you. What they really need to be built for is helping you close the sale of a golf cart to a customer.

The essence of a golf cart customization app that works toward this goal is providing you a service, not just a one-off tool. You may buy an app that has a number of parts listed, but how many of those parts are a year old, how many aren’t being sold any longer, and how many new parts and options is it missing? It may be current at the point of sale, but as a functional tool that helps close customers, you need it to be current every month.

Toward this end, Build Your Golf Cart is the only app that runs as a subscription instead of simply as a purchase. The benefit of this is that you get the app as-a-service, with constant updates of new parts every month. There’s no expiration on this service – the updates are lifetime.

The other element is that your dealership has a constant, saved access on our site, allowing you to tinker, create, and save different builds as you like in our golf cart builder. You can build on the app via your login, and you can even pass this capability on to customers:

They can use the golf cart builder in your website, essentially giving you their own dream build. They’ve just told you directly what they want to buy, and they’ve used your site to create it.

You can save builds that you create with customers. You’re no longer trying to sell a product this way, you’re creating the product itself alongside the customer. It’s this kind of collaboration that truly closes sales. A golf cart customization app shouldn’t just be a one-off product that starts aging the day you buy it. It needs to hand you the ability to utilize it as a flexible and powerful sales tool. That’s our goal with Build Your Golf Cart.