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Assumptions can keep you from expanding your sales base. Chances are good that if you name the first 5 uses for golf carts that come into your mind, the vast majority of your customers’ needs will fit into those. As salespeople, it’s easy to grow content with that. Yet there are always additional industries that are seeking added mobility and capability. One of these is field science. You might rack your brain for an hour and not come up with golf carts for scientists. That means you’re missing potential sales.

The Advantages of Field Science Golf Carts

Think about it this way. Most colleges offer field science courses. Various high schools, nature centers, and even scouting programs utilize field science. None of this even starts to address field science at a career level. There’s funding available for the tools that are needed, as well as a number of grants.

At the same time, that funding is tightening up, so field science programs are looking for ways to maintain off-road mobility that don’t break the bank. While they can cover territory capably in an ATV, they also often have a need to carry equipment and gear that an ATV doesn’t allow. This leaves one option: customized field science golf carts.

While they can still cover miles of territory capably, they leave a considerably lighter footprint than Jeeps. Now, a golf cart isn’t a Jeep and you shouldn’t pretend it is, but for the price of a Wrangler, you can easily get three well customized off-road golf carts and still have thousands left over. You can easily carry the same amount of equipment that way, and teams in the field can split up without sacrificing mobility – something they can’t do with only one vehicle.

Building Trust with Field Scientists

Lean on these strengths when you approach field science managers. They have to spend money carefully, so also focus on durability and service. All the traditional off-road elements should be there – tires, lift kits, strong headlights, etc. Be sure to ask about the desire for solar powered golf carts that can recharge in the field. Electric golf carts can be just as capable, but without the environmental footprint of their gas-powered counterparts. That can be an important selling point.

Trust is exceptionally important when selling field science golf carts. Keep in mind that you won’t know as much about their specialty as you would if you were selling to a golf course, campground, or more traditional industry. If they want to teach you a little about what they do in order to clarify a need, let them. This will help them feel comfortable.

Golf Cart Customization App

A good way to help them feel comfortable is the use of a golf cart customization app. Here, they can take command of making decisions for their customized off-road golf cart. They can change an option and then tell you why they’d need that option. Let them take that kind of command of the process – it helps them justify choices that help close the sale.

Golf carts for scientists might sound like a funny idea, but it’s not. There’s a need for mobility in field science – for both people and equipment. While ATVs might be faster, and Jeeps can obviously carry more, golf carts blend many strengths of each with some unique advantages of their own (at a much more reasonable price).