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As any golf cart sales professional knows, there are many places where customized golf carts can be used in unique and novel ways. Many organizations would get tremendous use of a golf cart, but simply haven’t thought of it yet. Still others have considered it but just don’t know enough about different golf cart builds to arrive at the right choice. Golf carts can expand the market for a business, add utility to a school, or increase safety for athletes. Let’s look at some organizations that may be local to you, and for whom interest in golf carts can be inspired.


Tour Groups

Both walking and bus tours are branching out with local tours that can be given on golf carts. This offers a chance at reduced costs for some. They see a better opportunity to cater to one of the demographics that is most interested in historical and local tours: the elderly. By making tours more accessible and easier on the feet, it opens up a very interested market that was previously limited because of mobility concerns.

Likewise, it also opens up tour possibilities for tourists with disability, an inclusion which makes a very good selling point for families.

Tour companies will be looking especially hard at customized golf carts with good road wheels, accessibility options, and seat trailers. They’ll also be interested in golf cart builds centered around a solar panel that can recharge the battery during operation.

Private Schools

Private schools often have money to spare, and they often direct it toward impressing parents with even more money to spare. Golf carts are useful in multiple ways to private schools. They communicate a readiness to prioritize parents and make them comfortable. They also mean a school has an additional option for disabled students who might need it. This can make tours very comfortable and thoughtful for parents of students with disability.

Beyond touring and accessibility, golf carts are also incredibly important for the sports teams of private schools. They lend teams the ability to transport equipment, but more importantly they lend the training staff a safe way of transporting injured players without applying further stress to the injury. This communicates great care on the part of the school for the well-being of their students.

Customized golf carts for private schools can focus more on utilitarian design and a more upscale appearance.

Local Teams and Rec Centers

Let’s revisit the above use of golf carts for transporting injured athletes. Many local teams in a variety of sports can get good use out of a golf cart. Their budgets are limited so golf cart builds should be more basic here.

These are suitable for minor league teams, regional teams for various sports, and rec centers with a number of fields.

Where certain areas aren’t directly accessible by ambulance, team doctors, EMTs, or other qualified medical personnel can oversee transport by golf cart to an ambulance. This cuts out demands made of players with head, neck, and leg injuries where it’s smart to limit mobility for safety.

Keep these golf carts more basic, and focus on functionality and durability in your builds.

Utilize a golf cart customization app to help you design shoulder-to-shoulder with a business, school, or team. With a range of constant updates, you’ll be able to offer new customizations and favorable price points.