Stable managers and horse owners have to employ a lot of equipment over the course of a day. Year after year, muscles are exhausted and joints get stiff. There’s always more work to do and much of it is repetitive. Anything that makes the job easier and more efficient is embraced. One tool in particular is really starting to latch on. Managers and owners are beginning to customize golf carts for stables.

Time Efficiency

Golf carts for stables make a number of jobs easier, from bringing food to horses in the stalls to helping work horses out. Stables that deal with multiple barns find them particularly handy. Sure, you can walk back and forth a half dozen times that day, or you can save that time (and your aching feet) by taking the golf cart back and forth.

This isn’t being lazy, either. If stable owners save some time and effort in one area, they’ll easily find more work for themselves to do in another. It’s just the nature of the business.

Ease of Maintenance

Golf carts may not have the towing capacity of a 4-wheeler, let alone a tractor, but they are more versatile for mixing indoor and outdoor use. They’re also a lot less maintenance. In a business like running a stable, if something breaks it’s a struggle to find enough hours in the day to fix it. This is one huge advantage that golf carts enjoy. They’re easy to use. They’re easy to maintain. They’re easy to fix.

A golf cart for a stable can also be used to lead horses on a bit of exercise. This lets them enjoy a bigger circuit than longeing them does, and it allows them to enjoy more natural movement than automated walkers do. Horses have to be trained to this, as in any work. Once they are, they take to being led by golf cart pretty naturally. It’s a particularly good way of training and exercising younger horses.

A Versatile Tool

It’s also a good backup plan in case of injury. Anyone who rides has logged their shares of injuries. A golf cart makes sure that owners, employees, and the folks putting their horses up can all still get around without exertion. This can help injured renters at your stable feel comfortable still getting around even if they sustain an injury.

When you customize golf carts for stables, make sure to feature the wide range of racks, dump beds, and trailers that a golf cart can use. These can help stable owners and managers fit it out for a range of daily activities, from moving feed and tack to transporting tools and supplies. Being able to quickly switch the golf cart from holding extra supplies to seating a few people is a big plus.

Use the Build Your Golf Cart app to introduce customers to all the parts that they can use to customize a golf cart for a stable. Building the golf cart together with your customer will help them feel like they’re collaborating with you. To keep up to date on all the most recent parts available, we update every month. This is the benefit of a customized golf cart app that’s subscription based. We treat the app as a service that’s regularly updated and supported so that it can be a flexible and powerful sales tool.