We made sure that Nivel parts & accessories were among the first featured on the Build Your Golf Cart app. They have some great lift kits and some very nice outside-the-box ideas that other parts manufacturers don’t focus on. More than anything else, they offer a wide selection of just about any part you’d ever need on a golf cart. This makes “under the hood” tinkering easy when you’re still customizing golf carts for a customer.

Range of Nivel Parts

One of the biggest advantages of Nivel is the sheer range of parts on offer. You can get most anything on its own, so if a single part ever needs backup or to be replaced, you can just focus on that part. This makes Nivel one of the best resources for individual parts, particularly when it comes to brakes.

This can make them appealing to tinkerers, but it’s of particular advantage when making a sale to a business that’s buying a number of golf carts. That might be a golf course or country club, or a campground. Maybe it’s a retirement community or hunting club.

Larger Businesses Need Wider Coverage

These businesses drive their carts on a daily basis. They have experience pushing golf carts to their limits and often have enough experience that they know which extra parts they’ll be needing when making a new order. Having Nivel’s full range of parts a button click away when you’re customizing golf carts is tremendously useful. For those buying carts in bulk, it means that you can swiftly and easily add in the extra parts that a business knows it will need.

It’s helpful that Nivel’s parts cover the full range of customizable carts, including Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. Being able to scan these in conjunction with parts offered through other sellers helps you to find the best price on very specific items. That means you can offer extras to close a sale while also ensuring that you save the most money when including those extras.

Useful Extras for Larger Buyers

There are some other elements that Nivel offers which aren’t offered in too many other places. Nivel offers some of our favorite enclosures on the market, making carts much more operable in rainy weather and offering protection against mosquitoes and bugs. This isn’t the kind of thing that will close a deal, but remembering how someone wants to use a golf cart and highlighting it for them as an addition will help them feel that you’re on their side.

We also like the repair kits that Nivel offers. You don’t want to talk about repair when you’re selling golf carts, but throwing in some Nivel repair kits is a nice added bonus that can help close a sale with a larger buyer. They’ll be doing a lot of on-site repair down the road, so it lets them know you’re aware of their needs.


Our Build Your Golf Cart app is subscription-based, which gives it an advantage over fire-and-forget customization apps. These apps can leave you with parts catalogs that are months or even years old. That’s not useful for you as a dealer. It can undermine a sale, which is why we approach a customization app with an as-a-service mentality. Parts are updated every 30 days, with offerings kept current and responsive to inventory.