Golf carts get used for a lot of activities today. Their versatility has made them ideal for camping and hunting, fully customized with lifts, off-road tires, powerful motors, and equipment racks. They’re also popular ways for people to get around local communities when mounted with luxury seats and beds that can carry groceries, small furniture, and plants and garden materials. Stables and ranches use golf carts to keep running on a daily basis by transporting tools, feed, and hay. Heck, watch a football game and what do the injured players get carted off on? Golf carts? What about what they were originally designed to do, though? What about custom golf buggies for…golf?

There are a lot of ways to create custom golf buggies that drive and look like the best one on the course. Dealers can sit down with customers using the Build Your Golf Cart app to work every detail out together.

Rear Seats – Rear seats are the best way to transport a foursome. By hopping two on comfortable rear seats, you can get everyone to the next hole swiftly, comfortably, and without a lot of stress. The owner obviously gets to drive, but you can play for who gets to ride shotgun.

Tow Behind Trailer – Have you got a party of more than four that need to be transported? Adding a tow behind trailer doubles the number of seats up to eight. Maybe you’ve got family along that just want to enjoy a nice day on the course. It could be kids who are learning the game. Maybe you’ve got business associates that need to stay close on the course. The tow behind trailer is a great way to transport them, and it’s a less expensive way of increasing seating without buying a second cart. The trailer hitches and unhitches easily so anyone can use it.

Body Kits – Some people love them, others prefer the classic golf cart look. Body kits are ways to make your golf cart emulate a classic car or big truck. The look is ornamental, but sets carts apart.

Canopies – One reason the British Open is so much fun to watch is because players have to play through the worst weather in any major. Some players only enjoy a game when it’s sunny. Basic canopies can help here by helping to keep the worst of the sun off of players as they drive. Yet some players love to play in bad weather just like the British Open. For them, a sturdier or hard canopy option can be a better choice. Not all dealers remember to ask this – for players who will play through wind and a bit of rain, they’ll want a canopy upgrade.

Lifts – Just because you’re not going off-road doesn’t mean you don’t want lifts. These can help a golf cart seem more serious and rugged, even if you don’t exactly need it on the course.

Colors & Covers – One of the best ways to stand out is, of course, to flaunt bright colors. It’s easy to use the Build Your Golf Cart app to preview a variety of colors.

Headlights – Make sure the headlights are powerful enough and that you’ve got good options if you’re playing into the evening. This is great for courses and players that cater to folks coming in after work, late in the season. More northerly courses make good use of these in the Fall.