As a golf cart dealer, you can make do with the business you have. So long as your loyal customers don’t find something competitive, they’ll keep on coming back to you. The problem is that in an interconnected world, that competition is so much easier to find. Online golf cart customization is something dealers can take advantage of, but customers aren’t far behind.

The second problem with standing pat is that the golf cart industry just keeps on growing. Relative to the industry, standing still is the same as moving backward. If you miss growth opportunities, it doesn’t mean that they simply disappear. It means that someone else is getting that growth instead. If the facilities management team at the college the next town over is getting their golf carts online, then it won’t be long until the concert venue down the road does the same, or the campground a few miles away picks up on the trend.

This means that your business has to be the trend that attracts customers. You can do this by getting ahead of the trend. Ordering golf carts online is still messy and opens customers up to making or overlooking choices in customization that don’t suit them. Even a customer who’s knowledgeable about lift kits and tire choice may not be familiar with batteries and controllers.

Customer Options are Incomplete

What you need to be able to do is offer your expertise along with customization that goes beyond what they can access as customers. You need a powerful tool for online golf cart customization. The problem here is that most customization apps for customers and dealers alike fall into two limiting categories:

1. They’re maker-specific and thus incredibly limited in range. They’re updated regularly, but access to third-party parts and customization is almost non-existent.

2. They cover a broad range, including third-party parts, but they’re sold as a product and start dating themselves with every month that passes. They’re not updated often or completely, which means you only get a snapshot of what’s available that quickly becomes obsolete.

The second option fixes the first option’s lack of range, but fails on updating. The first option is updated regularly, but fails when it comes to the second’s range.

Neither option gives you what you need to turn around and provide customers with something they can’t access themselves.

Combining Strengths for a Dealer Customization Tool

This is one reason Build Your Golf Cart was created. With golf cart dealers in mind, the golf cart customization app includes a broad range across multiple makers and third-party part suppliers. It’s also updated monthly. This means your list of options spans across makers and remains current.

It’s a golf cart customization app as a service, not as a product. This allows you to give customers something that they can’t get on their own: a full-industry range of customization options that’s always current. It allows us to collect these options and keep them current so that you don’t have to do that work. You can focus on customers and outreach, and then sit down with them to take advantage of the work we’ve already done for you. You can save builds and you can even build carts with customers through e-mail. This lets you engage them in and out of the shop, on any device. Most importantly, it encourages their imagination to help you close the sale.