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Managing golf cart customer leads can be difficult for many dealerships. The old-fashioned approach isn’t as effective as it used to be. Older generations may still like the personal approach, but with younger generations, a business checking in regularly is often treated with distrust. The shape of golf cart sales in the future is built around utilizing technology to manage and pursue leads. Here are some key ways to do this:

1. Create a clear cut definition for golf cart customer leads, and a clear process for handling them. Many dealerships don’t have an easily recognizable boundary that separates prospects from leads. This means that there’s no well defined process for categorizing or handling them.

What this leads to is a pool of names and contact information, but little strategy to get much out of it. Some names are contacted multiple times and grow frustrated while others never hear from a salesperson and grow cold.

2. Implement a CRM tool. If you haven’t already, a Customer Relationship Management tool should be used at your dealership. This can help you organize leads from a variety of different sources. It can also help you track these sources. This helps you know what advertising is effective, and it helps salespeople recognize when a lead is already being handled. This means they won’t undermine someone else’s work and they can move on to leads they can see haven’t been contacted or claimed.

3. Don’t waste time. Leads are best when hot. Let them grow stale and your chance for a sale will plummet. Potential customers consider their business valuable. They’re not there to serve you. They imagine you’re there to serve them, and if you don’t contact them quickly, they’ll move on.

4. Maintain contact creatively. This is the meat to working a lead. Younger generations especially consider repeated contact by a business frustrating…or even desperate. Yet to work a lead, you often need to create an ongoing conversation. This means you have to do this creatively, in a way that focuses on the customer and shapes your contact as a way of fulfilling their needs.

A good approach to this involves using a golf cart customization app that can save builds. Regular updates mean new parts, and new parts mean adjustments to the build. You can e-mail these builds back and forth, and then call about them to get them back in the dealership. This keeps a conversation open so that every contact feels like a natural continuation rather than a cold start.

5. Write down your customers’ questions. This way, you’re not contacting them with a pitch, or to whip up a question of your own from scratch. Instead, you’re just answering something that they asked you before. You can use new, updated parts options on the golf cart customization app to suggest new answers to questions they had before.

They’ll be impressed you remembered what their needs are. More importantly, you’re not calling to ask something of them. You’re calling to be responsible and responsive to their needs. This is how a lead welcomes repeated contact rather than becoming frustrated with it.

Golf cart sales are about working leads in an organized and timely manner, but you already know that. Keeping those leads on the hook and maintaining their interest in closing a deal seems like it’s getting more difficult – but really, it only requires different strategies and tools. Utilize these tools and practice these strategies, and you can improve how effectively your salespeople close leads.