One of the most difficult kinds of customers you see are the ones who will run their old equipment into the ground. They come in all varieties. Some have a legitimate reason they don’t want to spend money on a new golf cart. Others have enough money to buy your dealership 10 times over. The one common factor is that they’d sooner drive and complain about old equipment than upgrade. How can you help these customers realize that upgrading now is a smart move? One way is by customizing a golf cart together over e-mail.

Interpreting Your Time as Their Value

This is a slow burn approach. They’re resistant to the hard sell. Everyone with old equipment who really needs new equipment will eventually agree to a deal. It’s just about they’re getting the right deal at the right time. Sometimes, this is about the price straight up. They want to see how far you’ll drop it – but drop it too much and they can be offended the price was initially higher, or they can question how much value you’re really offering.

The ideal solution isn’t about dropping price, but adding value into a set price. It’s about what you can add into the deal without lowering the price. Sometimes, you have to mix and match the two approaches.

The biggest mistake you can make is pouring far too much time into these kinds of customers. They deserve your attention, of course, but if you’re not careful they will absorb so much of it that you fail to serve other customers. These customers require measure. You need to be able to manage the time you spend on these leads in a way that keeps the conversation active, but that doesn’t take over your entire sales life.

Get Some of the Work Done for You

Customizing a golf cart by e-mail allows you to do this by changing designs, offering new parts, and asking questions that help you guide the conversation. Best of all, it focuses not on dropping the price, but on adding new components and customizations. This also lets you operate at your pace, and constantly gives you the ability to offer choices. Best of all, when using a constantly updated golf cart customizing app, it’s fast on your end. The app does a lot of the work for you in terms of presenting value across various parts manufacturers.

This takes an old-fashioned, hands-on approach to working a lead over time in a way that utilizes technology to reduce the amount of time that you put into it. This way, you can work these kinds of slow burn leads without pouring far too much time into them.

The Best Tool for the Job

An ideal golf cart customizing app is updated monthly. This is why a subscription model works better. A product you buy once has no guarantee of continued updates, and leaves you and your salespeople working with months-old parts options. A subscription model carries a less expensive initial cost, allowing you to work with it for a time and then decide if its tools, functionality, and coverage work well for you. If they do, then the cost is worth it, and you get an app with constantly updated parts listings and the newest customization options.

That means less time spent focused on the options and more effective time spent on customers. It means customers who generally absorb as much of your time as they can will be balanced a little bit better, because some of the work in keeping that lead going is being done for you.

Keep in mind that as a dealer, it’s not just your customers who are out to find a good deal. Your salespeople also have to reach a deal that works for them. Now your salespeople aren’t spending their own money, but they are spending something just as valuable: the time they choose to dedicate across their customers. If you can help them use it more efficiently, they’ll have much more success.