Roughly half of all golf cart sales are for uses outside the golf course. This is even higher for re-sold carts. In some places, nearly 90% of used carts are sold for non-golf related purposes. This indicates that there’s an appetite for golf carts outside the golf course. The question is, how can we bring more of the used golf cart buyers into dealerships for new golf carts. The answer may be in golf cart customization.

We all know that the #1 reason for buying used is to save money. Yet there’s a significant segment of those buying used who could buy new, and may imagine they save by doing this in ways they don’t. The best way to show them this is to show them how a new cart can be customized to fit their exact needs and how those customizations can help increase their business.

Let’s go into an example to show you some of what we mean. Then let’s talk about the best approach to golf cart sales through customization:

Joyride – A Nashville Example

Look for companies that are trying new ideas – especially in transport. A Nashville company called Joyride offers less expensive taxi rides (called micro-transportation) and tours around the city in golf carts. They gave more than 320,000 rides in their first year alone. A company doing this has good reason to invest in new equipment. They need mechanical reliability. They need recent advancements in fuel efficiency. They need their carts to look fresh and new.

It also means they need customization beyond this. They need durable road tires. They need multiple seats. They need road clearance – that means lift kits. The number of reasons to sell a company like this on customized golf carts is almost limitless. Best of all, golf cart customization with a company such as this means that if they’re happy, they’ll keep coming back to you. Joyride’s only gotten bigger and is well regarded in Nashville – they have a five star rating with more than 800 reviews on TripAdvisor, and 4.5 stars on Yelp.

Golf Cart Customization As-a-Service

The way to keep a company doing something different like this happy is to fulfill all their needs and even to help them anticipate needs they might not foresee. To do this, you need a golf cart customization app that is kept up to date and that contains a wide range of potential upgrades from different makers. Build Your Golf Cart is the only subscription-based golf cart customization app out there, meaning that it essentially acts as a customization-as-a-service.

This is useful because it avoids the trap other customization apps fall into: being up-to-date when you buy them but then rarely being updated. That’s not useful. That’s why customization-as-a-service is so much more reliable. Since it’s a service being provided as well as the app, you can rely on inclusive monthly updates and the accountability that continuing service provides. That’s a welcome relief when it comes to how golf cart customization apps operate.