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When you and a customer are sitting down to customize a golf cart, remind them of a few steps that will help them protect their investment and prevent golf cart theft. Securing a golf cart can go a long way toward helping customers feel safer about their purchase. It can also help you underline the strengths and value of their golf cart. Here’s what we recommend:

Steps to Securing a Golf Cart

1. Remind them to safely store their new customized golf cart in a garage or shed that can lock. If they don’t have room, a storage shed is an inexpensive solution that adds a great deal of security value.

2. Keep the golf cart covered and it will be less tempting. Thefts are often a crime of opportunity. Remove that opportunity and you significantly reduce the chance of an attempted theft.

3. A simple anti-theft device can go a long way in securing a golf cart. You should be able to supply a pedal or steering wheel lock, and can even throw it in as a free extra in order to help make the customer feel good about the sale.

4. Many golf cart manufacturers use the same key across a model, so make sure your customer has a unique key. This will prevent someone who’s obtained a key for the same model from stealing your customer’s.

5. Theft recovery devices for golf carts allow GPS tracking for the cart. Local law enforcement can track it down and recover it. These devices are reasonable, and often dealers can strike good deals with theft recovery suppliers. Theft recovery companies enjoy being able to secure a number of customers in one place, your customers enjoy a deal on something that helps them feel safer, and the dealership gets to enjoy a bonus that adds real value for your customers.

How to Talk about Security in a Sale

Talking about security helps the customer be aware of something they need to think about. This is responsible to the customer – they should know their options for being able to protect their brand new customized golf cart. It can also help underline the value of what they’re buying. You remind them of its value and desirability. When people feel protective of something, they’re already practicing owning it in their minds.

Don’t use security as a closing technique in and of itself. That can be manipulative. Many customers will see through that. You don’t want to be disingenuous about something so important. You can use it to underline and highlight the value of other legitimate points you’ve already made. It can help you make your other points stronger, and help a customer recognize the value of their investment – both financially and on a personal level. After all, you want to make a customer feel safer about their new customized golf cart, not less safe.

Avoid Frightening Your Customer

If you make the customer fearful, that can carry over into the sale itself. As you customize a golf cart, don’t talk about security as if their golf cart is destined to get stolen tomorrow. You may be tempted in order to sell a security extra, but don’t. This is unrealistic and causes a fear that the customer won’t compartmentalize. That fear will spread to the sale itself, and it may back them off the sale entirely.

Talk about it realistically: here are the benefits of a few security steps, and here’s how it helps you avoid worry. This respects them and helps them recognize a benefit that’s being offered, underlining the strengths of the sale without distracting from it or scaring them off of it.