Custom Madjax Golf CartWhen you’re putting together a subscription service for customizing golf carts, you look at all parts. We wanted to put as many on there as possible and keep them current, updating every month. With the experience that we have, we’ve developed favorite parts and customizations that we’re fond of. Some of our favorites are customizing golf carts with Madjax parts. These are just a few out of our favorite customization options that can really help connect a customer with a cart:

Winch: They’ve got a great universal mount winch that’s useful when customizing golf carts for heavy outdoors and off road use. It can get you out of a spot when combined with a more powerful cart build, which makes it useful for hunting and camping alike.

Cargo: One of the parts that customers seem to enjoy most when customizing a cart with their dealer is how cargo is hauled on it. It’s funny, you can arrange brackets, cargo beds, baskets, and trays however you like and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll carry that much more than another design. It’s really the personalizing that people love. It makes them feel like the golf cart is an extension of themselves. You can go through controllers and lifts and upgrades galore, but sometimes what really connects someone to a cart is finding the perfect way to arrange carrying all their gear. It’s because that’s something practical they can picture interacting directly with themselves.

Controllers: That said, Madjax has some pretty nice torque controllers that cover a hefty range of capability.

Lift Kits: They have a good selection of lift kits, focusing on Club Car and E-Z-Go models. This is an obvious inclusion, but we’ve got to mention it because those are two of the manufactures that we offer customization from (the third being Yamaha).

Light Kits: Madjax has an eye for lighting that’s useful in practical situations – once again focusing their cart customization for the off road and utilitarian crowd. These build on other strengths (the number of Madjax brush guards we have seems a little silly, but once again this is the kind of personality customization that helps customers connect with a cart as you design it with them).

We can only feature a few in this space, but customizing golf carts with Madjax parts offers a range of capable options. Other accessories we implement through our customization and design software include chargers, audio accessories, seats, tops & struts, cushions, covers, enclosures, steering wheels, trim, graphics…the list goes on. The goal is to make it easy for dealers to access the very latest customizations and accessories so that they can help a customer realize every specific they want. There’s surprisingly not a lot of software that offers this, let alone that keeps updating with the latest options every month. It’s a powerful tool for dealers to harness – customers are leaning more and more toward customizing golf carts.