One of our favorite builds is the hybrid gas/electric golf cart for hunters. Obviously, golf carts for hunting need to be able to cover a vast range quickly. While there are electric carts that can do this, they sometimes trade speed for range. Gas is often superior if you need both unless the hunter wants to recharge with solar panels. The other choice is a gas/electric hybrid golf cart.


Hybrid Hunting Needs

The other need hunters have is stalking. This is often done on foot if the quarry’s nearby. If it’s not, you can track an animal over miles. It can be difficult to tell if you still have a mile to go or just 100 feet. Because of this, you also need a sort of silent running mode. Being able to switch to electric and go quiet is essential. You see where we’re going with this.

A hybrid golf cart is one of our favorite golf carts for hunting because it combines every strength a hunter needs. It has range from the gas engine. It has a quiet mode from the electric one. It has power and a four-wheel-drive when you use both in tandem.

You’ll want to build this out with independent suspension to handle rough terrain. You also need the ability to haul your prey back, so make sure you’ve customized it with a bed. The best approach is to use the gas engine to regenerate the electric one as you drive.


Helping the Customer Feel Safe

Make sure you’re able to give a customized hybrid golf cart a good warranty. These carts have been around for years, but customers often feel skittish the more technologically complex a cart is. Solid warranties help them feel safe with the technology because they know you feel perfectly comfortable standing behind it.

If you haven’t customized a hybrid golf cart for hunting before, take a dry run with someone who has. There are particular considerations you’ll want to be aware of so that you aren’t struck sideways by a question or concern they have.


Building a Customized Hybrid Golf Cart for Hunting

Hunters are very specific about their needs and accessories. Use a golf cart customization tool, such as an app that’s updated regularly with new parts and options. An app like this is easy to hand back and forth between salesperson and customer. This also helps the customer feel like they’re building something with you, rather than having a product sold to them.

Trying to picture a number of combinations in your head can get confusing and distract you from focusing on the customer. A golf cart customization tool allows you to lay these options down in an easy-to-use interface. That way, you can focus on the customer instead of various option combinations in your head.

If you’re focusing on hooking in customers who haven’t come in for a while, make sure the app you’re using has e-mail capabilities. This allows you to save customizations and send them back and forth to each other in an e-mail. When they start asking more specific questions about the builds or asking you for solutions to specific needs they have, that’s a good time to invite them in physically – they’re already thinking about buying by this point.