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Golf cart sales trends constantly reshape the industry. What golf cart trends should we expect out of 2018? Let’s focus on the sales aspects, the real trends that business customers will seek this upcoming year. Some of these you’ll expect, others may be angles you haven’t considered. Identify the sectors where you can increase your sales, and the tools that enable you to do so:

Electric Golf Carts: Electric golf-carts continue to be a preferred choice for many organizations that need quick transport off the street. Colleges and hospitals have campuses, while campgrounds, stables, and barns have fairly flat terrain that requires quick transport. For many organizations, this opens up accessibility for tours, students, and workers alike. For other organizations, it allows quiet transport to avoid bothering sleeping campers or stabled animals. An ability to transport both people and equipment is necessary in most instances.

Solar Power: Solar panels for recharging extend a golf cart’s daily operability. This ensures that organizations can choose electric carts. Customers often have higher opinions of businesses that are taking steps to conserve energy. Nothing makes this clearer than a golf cart boasting a solar panel on its top. It also boosts performance from a practical standpoint. Carts can stay out longer before needing a recharge. This makes scheduling cart use much less stressful, and decreases the risk of an impatient line forming for cart use.

Custom Off-road Golf Carts: This golf cart sales trend will continue to gain in popularity as a more practical alternative to ATVs. They can hold and transport more, often making them more ideal for family activities. Thrill seekers will still lean toward ATVs, obviously. For everyone else who wants to spend time in the outdoors, camping or hunting, custom off-road golf carts are becoming more popular by the year.

Interactive Services: Whether it’s a GPS or interactive scorecard, golf carts that serve as more than just a vehicle are incredibly popular. At golf courses, this allows players to pull scores up, compare them to each other’s bests, and even e-mail scorecards to themselves. It also allows you an opportunity to advertise to players even as they’re out on the green. Advertise today’s special, and even let players order on the 16th hole. This way, by the time they get back, their food is ready. They don’t have to wait. This improves the efficiency of and the service provided by your restaurant, while also decreasing wait times and solving overflow issues.

Unexpected Uses: There are many uses for golf carts that you can predict: country clubs, retirement communities, campgrounds. There are others that will come from left field: local tour companies, golf cart racing leagues, scientists in the field. Be flexible with how you’re able to customize golf carts to fulfill unique and unexpected needs.

Golf Cart Customization App: Develop the ability to customize golf carts swiftly and empower the customer to do so with you. This encourages the customer to feel ownership of a golf cart they’re customizing, before they’ve even bought it. This personal investment can help increase close rates because the customer is selling themselves on its features. There’s no trust gap to close when the customer is the one closing themselves.

Use a golf cart customization app that’s regularly updated. A subscription model that will give you ongoing service is far superior to a buy-once product with no guaranteed service. The service will update with new products and inventory availability; the product will grow outdated quickly. Learn to make this one of your primary sales tools so that customers can feel empowered to customize, personally invest, and finally close themselves on their choices.